General characteristics of agriculture

General rate of agro-industrial complex for the 1st six months in 2010

  Agriculture is a leading sector in the regional economics. Its rate in RGOP (regional gross output production) is about 17%. For 2002 – 2099 the gross output production has risen in 73%, the average annual rate of growth has reached 107,3%. The cost of agriculture gross output in 2009 has reached 34,1 billion rubles or 100,2% for the one in 2008.

  Increase is gained due to the crop sector production. The gross yield of grain after modification has reached 2633 thousand tons, of sugar beet – 2354 thousand tons, sunflower – 309,1 thousand tons. There have been produced 12,2% of grain out of the total production volume according to CFO, 17,1% of sugar beet, 25,1% of sunflower in the region.

  Simultaneously, the rise of production is gained due to the raising the level of crop yield and broadening of the area under crops and the progressive technologies implementation. Within the livestock sector with 29% of the gross output production the head of livestock rate has been decreased. The rehabilitation of a livestock sector is promoted with the complex of events, implementing within the limits of the created programmes of agriculture development and its sectors that includes events on building  of major hog-raising complexes. Special attention is given to the technical and technological agricultural extension, stimulation of minor forms of management, social problems resolution of a settlement.

  In 2009 the investment volume into agriculture (including forestry) reached 5,4 billion rubles or increased, compared to 2002, 6,8 times. For these years the labour productivity has increased within the agricultural enterprises; average monthly salary increased 6,7 times and reached 9040 rubles in 2009.

  In 2009 the profit reached 1,3 billion rubles; the profitability was +10%, 83% of sectors ended the year with profit.

  The enterprises of taxation debts and levies for 2009 decreased in 72 billion rubles. The agricultural enterprises paid in total 945,8 billion rubles for taxes and levies in 2009.

  The region had more than 2800 peasant (farm) households with total allotment of 431,2 thousand hectares in 01.01.2010. In total volume of the regional gross agricultural output, farm households share was 12,3% in 2009 (compared to 2% in 1999). In 2009 there had been gathered 627 thousand tons of grain (22% from total volume), 76 thousand tons of sunflower (26%), 386 thousand tons of sugar beet (14%), 9,4 thousand tons of potatoes (2,2%) and 9,5 thousand tons of vegetables (2,2 %).

  The region has 265 thousand of small holdings that have produces 28,2% of total production, including meat – more than 83%, milk – 77%, eggs – 58%, vegetables – 90%, potatoes – 93%. This sector takes more than 30% of food use value in the region. That is why the development of small holdings in the region is seen as an important part of agriculture.

  For the past four years there have been issued loans about 2,25 billion rubles in total to the development of small holdings, peasant (farm)households. There are 70 agricultural consumers\' co-operatives, including  43 purchasing, 4 processing , 19 credit and 4 service ones in the region.

  There is a positive tendency of main funds renovation and technical base stabilization within the region. The process of the deposit attracting into the agricultural turnover is being held.


The diagramme deals with the industrial production index in agriculture in all types of households in Tambov region with comparable prices, in % up to 1990. The red line stands for Agriculture, the blue line – for Crop Sector, the green line- for Livestock Sector.

Main socio-economic indexes


  The diagramme shows the investment of capital into agriculture of Tambov region in million rubles. The growth is given in comparable prices for the past 10 years that has risen 8 times. 

Agriculture in general (all types of households)

designation of indexes

unit of measure









Investment in main capital (forestry)

million rubles














61, 1



Gross output in agriculture

billion rubles









Compared with the previous year in %















   The diagramme deals with the gross sugar beet output in thousand ton and crop yield in centner/ hectare.


  The diagramme shows milk yield on one forage cow in all types of households in Tambov region for 2000 – 2009 in kilograms


The diagramme deals with the gross sunflower output in thousand ton and crop yield in centner/ hectare.


  The diagramme shows the gross grain output in thousand ton (after update) and crop yield in centner/ hectare.


  The diagramme provides the information about the dynamics in purchasing tractors and combines in units. The green colour stands for combines, the blue one – for tractors.


  The diagramme shows the specific weight of agricultural crops, being cultivated due to progressive technologies in the households of Tambov region in %.


  The diagramme shows the agricultural gross output in Tambov region for 2000 - 2009 in billion rubles (actual price). The average annual increase for 10 years is 5.6%. The indexes are given horizontally in blue colour at the bottom of the diagramme.


  The diagramme provides the information about the average annual salary of the agricultural workers in all types of households in rubles. The average annual salary growth is 32,6 %.

  Main measures of agricultural development

  In accordance with “State Programme of Agricultural Development and Market Regulation” within the region there have been accepted “the Programme of Agricultural Development and Market Regulation of Agricultural Production, Raw Materials and Provision in Tambov Region in 2009 – 2012”.

  The Programme is aimed at realization the following steps of agriculture development:

1. Stable development of agricultural territories;

2. Foundation of general conditions of agriculture functioning;

3. Development of priority agricultural subsectors;

4. Reaching of financial stability in agriculture.

  Aiming at realization of the State Programme steps between the Agricultural Department of the Russian Federation and the authorities of Tambov region, the agreement has been concluded on 2008-2012 with the defined obligations of the sides.  The same agreements have been concluded between the regional authorities and the districts authorities. Also for streamlining and systematization of the programme steps realization, there has been formulated and confirmed “the Aggregate Plan of State Programme Realization of Agricultural Development and Market Regulation of Agricultural Production, Raw Materials and Provision in Tambov Region in 2008 – 2012”. The information about the fulfillment of the integrated operational schedule realization of the programme is quarterly placed on the site of the State Automatized System “Administration” and on the site of the regional agriculture administration.

  Target indicators realization of the State programme steps is supposed to be gained due to the wide implementation of scientific technologies in the crop sector and animal husbandry, investment into the building of modern livestock complexes, reconstruction of the functioning farms, strengthening of the technical base among the agricultural commodity producers, more effective usage of land and the allotted on agriculture supply funds from the federal and regional budgets, stimulation of small holdings development, social development of a settlement.

  For 2008 all Programme steps implemented except the achievements of the planned volumes on meat and milk production, growth of gross yield of rape and increase of the insured sown areas share.  The index of physical volume of agricultural gross yield production in the region reached 100,2%. There had been produced goods on 35,6 billion  dollars within all households categories. Gross yield of grain reached 2,8 million tons. There had been produced crop productivity in weight of 25,7 centners after the update, 327,2 centners of sugar beet and 14,1 centners of sunflower.

  In accordance with the Strategy of socio-economic development of Tambov region up  to 2020 the steps of agro-industrial complex development  are implementing sequentially in the region. There have been planned to realize 15 modern projects on livestock sector production.

  The total investment value in 2009 is going to be 6,9 billion rubles. In 2009 there have been started the development of hog-raising complexes in LLC «Tambovmyasoprom», LLC «Zolotaya niva», LLC «Tsentralnoye». There have been produced 5,7 thousand tons of meat. In 2010 the complexes are going to produce about 20 thousand ton of pork.

  The work is leading to attracting investment into dairy complexes construction. The company «Krasny Vostok-agro» has made steps in dairy complexes development on 3300 head within Pichaevsky district . The company «Agro Guard» is planning to build the dairy complex on 1200 head in Rasskazovsky district. LLC «Ryslinskaya Niva» in Morshansk district is planning to build the dairy complex on 1200 head, LLC «Tambovmoloko», a group of companies «Cherkizovo» - to build 8 small dairy farms on 150 head in total number of 1200 head with full mechanization and automation of all technological processes in stl. Mednoye, Sampursky district. LLC «Capital-agro» in Sosnovsky district is planning to build the dairy complex on 1800 head, 10 MTF within the programme «Family dairy farms», LLC «Suvorovo» complex on 600 head. It is planned to start construction of the poultry factory on 65 thousand ton of meat in Inzhavinsky district together with other projects. Taking measures in the livestock sector are going to insure the growth of animal number and raise the production volume of meat up to103 thousand ton (live weight), milk – up to252,0 thousand ton.

  The measures are being taken in small holdings development. The crucial part in stimulating small housing development is to make a system of agricultural  consumers\' co-operatives. For 2 years in the project «Development of an agricultural complex» realization and « Programme Realization of Agricultural Development and Market Regulation of Agricultural Production, Raw Materials and Provision in Tambov Region in 2008 – 2012» the cooperatives have attracted 232,4 million rubles of loans and there have been done a service by small housing  in sum of 293,5 million rubles. Loan cooperatives have issued 413 loans on development of small holding and peasant (farm) household in total of 114,4 million rubles.

  There is used such form of state support as ensuring mortgage from the regional and municipal mortgage funds for organization of small housing lending. For 2006 – 2009 there have been allotted the mortgage in sum of 61,8 million rubles for ensuring  bank liability.

  As a result of work on small household stimulation there has been increased the agriculture productivity within the peasant (farm) household in total 82% in 2009 compared to 2005.